Many adults in the United States have a chronic health condition. These long-term health problems require ongoing medical care to manage symptoms and prevent the worsening of the disease. Leone Elliott Jr., MD, MBA, and the team at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa provide chronic care management. The primary care practice takes a holistic approach to care, focusing on your total health, not your chronic health problem. This approach improves overall health and quality of life. For a patient-focused approach to chronic care management, call the office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or book online today.

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What is chronic care management?

Chronic care management is a service offered at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa to help you take control of your health and your chronic health condition.

Chronic health conditions affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When left untreated, these health conditions may lead to other problems that affect your quality of life.

The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa takes a patient-centered and holistic approach to care. With their chronic care management service, Dr. Elliott and the team focus on you, not your disease or symptoms.

They provide the medication, education, and support you need to manage your disease, prevent related health complications, and improve your quality of life.

Who needs chronic care management?

A chronic disease includes any health problem that lasts a year or more. Anyone with a chronic disease benefits from chronic care management.

The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa is a primary care practice and provides chronic care management for adults struggling with any chronic illness, including:


Diabetes causes higher-than-normal blood sugar levels. When you have too much sugar in your blood, it damages your blood vessels and organs, leading to health problems like kidney disease or neuropathy.


Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common chronic health condition that increases your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. Regular blood pressure checks can help catch hypertension early so you can make healthy changes to prevent health complications.

Heart disease

Heart disease is a common chronic health problem in the United States. Healthy lifestyle habits improve heart health.


Anxiety is a mental health condition that may affect your ability to manage your day-to-day routine. Medical treatment and therapy tame your anxiety and improve your quality of life.

The practice also provides care for chronic conditions that affect the lungs, like asthma, as well as pain conditions like arthritis. The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa also specializes in addiction, offering Suboxone® treatment.

What can I expect from chronic care management?

You can expect personalized and attentive chronic care management from Dr. Elliott and the team at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa. They partner with you to provide the education, tools, and support you need to manage your chronic health issues.

They focus on helping you create healthy lifestyle habits that improve your chronic health condition and your quality of life.

With chronic care management, the team schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your condition and adjust your treatment as needed. They may conduct these follow-up visits through their telemedicine service.

To schedule your chronic care management consultation, call The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, or book an appointment online today.