What are the benefits of having a primary care doctor?

Having a primary care doctor you see regularly is key to your overall health. Through regular visits, your PCP gets to know you, your family history, and your lifestyle. You can develop a trusting relationship with your PCP that allows you to talk honestly and openly about your health concerns.

Your PCP helps you stay healthy by providing regular checkups and preventive health care screenings. Your PCP can help you successfully manage life-threatening and “silent” medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Your PCP also can connect you to highly trained medical specialists when you need advanced or specialized care. When your care includes treatment from numerous health care specialists, your PCP can ensure you receive the best possible care.

Why is the Primary Care practice at the Healthcare Gallery different?

Not only can we take care of you like other primary care doctors do, but we take it a step further. We make other recommendations from a wellness perspective such as helping you with improving your nutrition, your sleep hygiene and your physical fitness level.

Do you see children at the practice?

Though we are trained to see children, we have limited our Healthcare Gallery practice to adults 18 years and older at this time.

What sorts of questions should I discuss with my primary care physician?

Be open and honest with your physician about what’s going on with your health. Some questions to consider are:

  • Are you experiencing painful or uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with your daily life?
  • Is a medication you’re taking making you sick
  • Do you need help making healthy decisions or lifestyle choices
  • Are you experiencing and having trouble coping with stress, depression or sadness?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping or with your marriage or children?

What can I expect as a New Patient?

Our office is completely paperless and we respond quicker through electronic communication rather than direct phone calls. As a result, the registration staff will ask you to complete your new patient registration online or through this link: (insert URL). To communicate with the office with regards to appointments requests, med refills or lab updates, we also ask that you download the “Healow” app and use our practice code “JGFDCA” to sign on.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring ALL medications or supplements you are taking and a copy of your insurance card and personal identification card. If your insurance requires a co-pay/ deductible, please be prepared to pay that at the time of your visit. We can also collect that copay over the phone prior to your appointment if necessary.

How do I get a refill on my prescription?

We ask that you contact your pharmacy before your medication runs out to request a refill. They will then initiate a refill request with our office. Please note that any new medications may require a patient visit and that new prescriptions or refills can take up to 72 hours to complete. That said, please always be sure to call your pharmacy several days in advance before your medication runs out.

When will I get my lab tests, X-ray results, or other studies?

Lab tests, x-ray reports and studies may take up to 5 business days after they have been performed. We advise that if after 5 business days you have not heard back from our office, please log into the “Healow” app or Health Portal on our website, to verify results before calling our office.

What if I need advance imaging such as a CT, MRI, or Nuclear studies?

If you need to schedule an MRI, CT or Nuclear Study, please allow our office 5 – 7 business days to obtain authorization from your insurance company. Insurance companies require medical records from your physician be reviewed by the Insurance Company’s medical staff before an authorization can be obtained.

What if I need a referral to another provider?

If you need a referral, please schedule an appointment with your physician so information can be gathered so that the medical necessity can be documented prior to the referral being issued. This ensures that your insurance company will approve of the referral. This is the reason most insurance companies require that your Primary Care Physician has seen you prior to being sent to a specialist.

Can I use the Fitness Studio at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa?

Yes, if you are a primary care patient of the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, you are entitled to attend ONE of our many fitness classes taught every week by local Olympic track athletes at NO COST to you. Should you want to participate in the classes 2-3 times a week along with nutrition tracking, please inquire about our tiered fitness memberships/ subscription.

What is the Health Portal and how can I use it?

The Health Portal accessed through the “Patient Login” on the website or “Healow” app on your phone/iPad, enables you to communicate with your doctor, nurses and staff members easily, safely and securely from the comfort of your home. It can be used to request non-urgent medical advice, request appointments, obtain visit summaries, order medication refills and access patient education. Use our practice code “JGFDCA” to sign into the organization’s healow app to communicate with our practice. Otherwise, if you have pre-registered with our practice, you should have received a Welcome email with a link in the body of that email. Click on that link and use your email address and password sent to you to connect to the Health Portal.

Can I get discounts to other services such as Spa services at the Healthcare Gallery?

If you are a patient of our primary care practice, you are entitled to a 20% discount to other non-essential services (services not covered by insurance) at the Spa. This discount applies to facials, massages, laser skin care services, hair removal, skin tightening, etc. **Spa services have been suspended at this time due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Do you offer Telemedicine services?

More so during this Coronavirus outbreak, it is essential that we limit contact with other persons as much as possible. As a result, ALL our primary care consultations are conducted through telemedicine at this time. When you choose the type of appointment during the registration process, please choose “Telemedicine”. You can get to that page here. (Insert URL)

What if I need paperwork/forms to be completed by my Physician or would like to request my records?

Please be advised that ALL requests for medical records or forms that need to be completed such as FMLA, Disability and Life Insurance forms are performed by a third party company called Medicopy and may take up to 5 business days to complete. You can obtain more information on how to initiate a request for medical records or form completion here. Alternatively, you can complete this electronic medical records release form here to get that pro

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