Plant medicine, also referred to as botanical medicine, phytomedicine, or herbalism, is a practice that dates back thousands of years. The use of plants as medicine is found in ancient writings of the Egyptians and Chinese from as far back as ~3,000 BCE. The indigenous cultures from around the globe used the knowledge of these plants in healing medicines and rituals, including the ancient African tribes and the tribes of Native Americans for over 15,000 years before the first drug was synthesized in a chemistry lab.

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These systems employed the use of plants as medicine for healing the body and are still used to this day. Based on this ancient knowledge of plants coupled with the advancement of technology, modern pharmacology was born and in 1897 the first aspirin was synthesized in the lab based on the secondary metabolite found in willow bark. This innovation is what led to the further development of pharmaceuticals and rather than forage for medicines in the forests, people began to take medicines as prescribed under the advice of their physician.

It seems that now there is a revitalized movement to adopt these traditional methods of healing in more western cultures. Nature has provided us with an abundance of healing plants from food to medicine and we just need to look closer to learn more about how we can use these plants to heal our bodies and souls. Here at the Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa, we continue to research and explore more treatment specifically with the plant of the genus family, Cannabaceae and its species, C. sativa and C. indica.

Our team will take a holistic approach to your healthcare and healing to prescribe the appropriate plant medicines with a focus on total health leading to freedom from pain and suffering to a place of healing comfort and peace.