Make 2020 A Healthy Year – Follow Health Tips In Post COVID Era

A new decade has started, and its first half was too drastic. COVID-19 impacts are long-lasting on the other side of the picture; people are suffering from the fear and tension in mind. If you want to improve your life with all this situation, then follow the below-mentioned pinpoints and don’t overlook them just for the sake of COVID-fear.

You need a healthier lifestyle, and these tips are the only solution proposed by the world health organization.

Regular Checkups From A Primary Care Clinic Center

All the major diseases are hidden, someone is suffering from cancer, and others have heart diseases. They don’t even know about the medical situation, so your first duty is to get regular checkups and be aware of the condition you are suffering from. Doctors diagnose you through tests and collection of samples. You can diagnose issues at an earlier stage by the screening of tests. So, make sure to get screening tests and blood tests every two months.

Use Hygienic Food And Quality Food

As per the instructions released by the world health organization this year. Quality food is the second in the list. Yes, everyone eats food twice a day, but here quality food matters. Preparing food correctly in a hygienic environment is the key to good health. Add to this, the right way, the temperature is required for maintaining the quality of the food. Unsafe and low-quality food comprises a large number of elements that are not significantly good for the health sector. Usually, every bad food contains bacteria, chemical substances, viruses, and parasites. Such unsafe ingredients are being caused by more than 200 diseases. So, before going to the doctor, it is your duty to use only hygienic food that retina your current health. For this you can follow the following precautions;

● Find the label of organic food on it

● Find the expiry date on it

● It should be clean

● Its ingredients

So, these are good for the maintenance of health.

Add to this before cooking a food follow the basic principles issued by the WHO.

1. It should be clean

2. Cook it very thoroughly

3. Retain its temperature safe and constant

4. Use only safe mineral water and use organic material

By following these cooking tips, your health would significantly increase this year.

Cleaning Of Hands Often

This is the essential requirement for this year. As COVID-19 pushes us to the extreme level of health issues. And this is the first requirement to reduce the coronavirus. Clean your hash after every 2 hours for at least 20 seconds with a good soap and sanitizer. Hygienic condition of the hands is essential, as coronavirus transfer only because of the hands shaking, paper currency and touching to the face again and again. You can also rub your hands with the use of alcohol products like sanitizers that are approved with the World Health Organization. Make it an addiction not only because of the COVID-19 but for the sake of good health.

Use Only Prescribed Antibiotics

Most of the people in the USA are addicted to antibiotics and use them without any prescriptions. Most of the time, you are not suffering from the same disease, and you are not required antibiotics. On the other hand, such medicines have adverse and side effects on somebody’s condition. This is because, most of the time, it is tough for a person to handle the infection if he is a regular user of the antibiotics. In this way a patient has to suffer from the following things;

1. Delay in treatment

2. Higher medical cost for the alternative methods

3. Loss of will of the patient

4. Extended stays in the hospitals and sometimes in operation theaters

5. Higher mortality rates

6. Loss in inner power

7. Suffer from a large number of side effects

So, only use the prescribed antibiotics that are advised by the best professionals. Add to this, after completing the prescribed days, just stop its usage and don’t recommend others for no reason. Don’t use them without the doctor’s prescription and never share them with others.

Make More Friends And Share Feelings With Them

If you are not sharing a feeling or you have a low circle, then make more friends. Actually, depression is increasing at a very significant speed in the world. Some 260 million people are suffering from it, and it could grab more people in the circle. When you feel hopeless and not worthy of yourself, this situation leads to the first of the depression journey. In this situation, just talk to someone, which is very close to you and understand you. He may be your family member, friend, classmate, college mate, roommate, office mate, or a professional in mental health.

Breastfeeding Is Also Beneficial For The Health Of Mothers And Infants

This is one of the best food for infants, and it has a positive impact on the body of the mother. According to the world health organization, it should be started just after the thirty minutes of the newborn baby. Moreover, in most cases, mothers prefer only six months breastfeeding, but two years of breastfeeding retain them from many types of diseases. Such diseases include breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, depression and health. So, make sure you are feeding for at least two years to the infants. In this way, your infants would be more powerful, and mothers will also have better health.

Safe Water Is Another Big Reason For Low Health Condition This Year

Drink only safe water, otherwise ready to suffer through eh following diseases;

● Cholera

● Hepatitis

● Cholera

● Polio

● Typhoid

According to the research of WHO, more than 2 billion bodies on the earth drink contaminated water. According to the scientist, it is one of the significant issues on the ground. Most of the countries are just overlooking it. Seriously, drinking water is available in very less amount over the earth. It is no more than 2% of the total water. One could ensure the clean water availability by following these ways;

● Pass through the refilling process

● Boil the water and ill the germs

● Cool the water after boiling at least one minute

● Use mineral water of some brand for the drinking purpose

The effects of the contaminated water are not limited to a few diseases. In addition to this, it has a much more long-lasting impact on the mind of the person. Contaminated water reduces the skin quality, appends confusion in mind, growth of the bones, and the brain becomes slow. It also affects your hair quality; your mental growth and physical growth are also affected by the contaminated water.

For Better Health And You Only Need Pure Water

These year health tips are not limited to this list, but WHO has issued the major one. These are the part of WHO-recommended guidelines and suggestions. In order to retain health, you need proper food, quality water, daily exercise, regular checkups, and cleaning of hands again and again. So, remain healthy and donate, ignore it in any case.


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