A daily home care skin routine is important, and our physician Dr. Leone Elliott, also recommends periodic, medical-grade, customized facials using Luksus Skin products to keep your complexion healthy. After a thorough consultation to assess your obvious and hidden skin damage, the best medical-grade products in this line along with a broad selection of proven facial techniques will be selected to help rejuvenate, nourish, and heal your skin. Continuing your facial care at home, The Luksus System is concise, delivering targeted skin nutrition for transformative results in just a few easy steps each day.

Created by local Baton Rouge physician Dr. Lili Fan, Luksus Skin utilizes a patented SCSTM (stem cell stimulating) technology that triggers a positive response in skin’s gene expression by increasing collagen and elastin production for greater resiliency and enhanced firmness, getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it decreases uneven skin discoloration and imperfections.

The Luksus Signature Facial will diminish age factors, revitalize stem cells, and nourish your face with what is needed, where it is needed. Our customized facial deeply cleans, exfoliates, hydrates, and treats problem areas. Light extractions are included. A relaxing massage for the face is just what you need to face the world!

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Why Get Facials at The Healthcare Gallery & Wellness Spa

Unlike most regular day spas that use commercialized rather than medical-grade products, we have access to Dr. Lili Fan’s patented Luksus Skin products that are only available to medical practitioners. Additionally, our environment is ideal for both relaxation and healing, allowing you to address your beauty concerns in a setting that is beautiful in itself. Should a condition of the skin be present that would require further treatment, The Healthcare Gallery team is able to be responsive, ensuring you receive the highest level of care.

Ideal Candidate

The Luksus Signature facial is an ideal entrypoint to your facial care because the products and techniques are adaptable to each person’s needs and concerns, regardless of age, skin type or condition. Our facials are can correct signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches), improve sun-damaged skin (dark spots, rough texture, and uneven tone), deeply clean (acne and pore congestion), and to brighten dull and sallow skin. Facials can be designed to help teens or adults with chronic inflammatory skin conditions like acne outbreaks, sensitive skin, eczema or rosacea.

Procedure Technique

After your consultation to develop your best treatment based on your skin type and concerns, you will relax in one of our “studios” as your facial begins. Each facial is customized to your individual needs, not just with the products used, but with the modalities incorporated into the service. Lymphatic drainage massage, extractions and high frequency are just some of the advanced techniques we include for you in our Luksus Signature Facials. A truly comprehensive service, you will not just look better, but feel better after your service.

What to Expect

The Luksus Signature Facial at The Healthcare Gallery is gentle, and social downtime is at minimum. After your facial, you may see some redness and irritation, but this should subside naturally within a day, usually within a few hours. You will see visible improvements in the appearance and feel of your skin immediately after your treatment. Our team will create a personal skin treatment plan for you to follow, providing maximum clinical results with minimum unwanted side-effects. It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure for 72 hours following your facial treatment, and we strongly advise the use of a daily sunscreen to protect against the cancer-causing effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Luksus Signature Facial ($75)

Add-ons to the Luksus Signature Facial:

  • Microdermabrasion ($25)
  • Dermaplaning ($50)
  • Superficial Chemical Peels ($25)
  • Additional Extractions ($25)
  • Spa Hand & Foot Treatment ($30)