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Pantone is the world’s most recognized color matching system, used by many different industry professionals, it is literally responsible for the complimentary hues of color we see in fashion, interior, automobile and even tech device design, but the founding of the pantone company came about due to one person’s ability to transform an unfavorable situation into a thriving business; by putting their God-given talent and passion to work, creating artwork that will be admired over time takes the same amount of hard work if not more. Creating through times of instability, emotional ups and downs, or worldly chaos is no easy feat. Artists are to be responsible for heightening our emotional intelligence, to make us feel something or feel everything – not just creating a pretty picture with matching colors, that very point is the concept of the pantone theory…use everything within you, your God-given talents and passions, to create beauty from unfavorable situations that will positively impact others for decades to come.

~ Ellemnop.Art (Art Manager/ Curator – The Healthcare Gallery)