Title: “NOIR”

Current Exhibition

Featured Dates: June 10th — September 6th, 2024

Reception: September 6th | 6:30 — 9:30 PM

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Why Art?

As a lifelong artist, ART brings me a considerable amount of joy and mental well-being and is definitely a big part of my personal wellness. It may not do the same for you and I understand, so please, indulge me. What I wish for you is that you participate in that thing that brings you even more joy and sense of well-being. It may be music, books, meditation, poetry, writing, spending time with your pets, etc. Whatever it is, hold on to it and actively pursue it…daily.
That aside, the purpose of the rotating gallery for me is ultimately to provide a creative and exciting venue where artists can showcase and exhibit their art. Along the way, we’ve become known as the hub where all genres of art are welcomed without prejudice or judgement and we continue to learn, evolve and grow. My goal is to break down the stigma that gallery art is only for the elite because I believe that everyone, regardless of whether they are just art enthusiasts or seasoned collectors, should be able to enjoy art in a space that is beautiful and exciting.
To that end, we may show work that is socially conscious and that triggers emotion, or work that is just plain amazing but have no social context or relevance whatsoever. Whatever the case, I want you the viewer to feel connected to the art in your own way. We try to promote the work of these artists through our website, social media platforms, workshops, etc. as well and I like to say that our curated work is of high quality to allow the artists the best opportunity to sell their art. The most important thing I would like you to remember is that the sale of each piece of art goes directly to the artist, so besides the paintings and sculptures enhancing your life, the purchase also helps and inspires that artist to continue to invest in their life’s work.
We would love for you to join us at our once quarterly exhibition receptions where you will have the opportunity to visit with the artists and your favorite wellness team. 
  • Dr. Leone Elliott, Jr. MD, MBA

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